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Come bowl with us!

Every Day Bowling

Enjoy open bowling on our 24 beautiful lanes!

Holiday Bowl welcomes all bowlers

Whether you’re a casual bowler or a serious league player, you will have an unforgettable bowling experience at Holiday Bowl. It’s the perfect place for parties, fundraisers, corporate celebrations and, of course, tournaments for all levels of expertise.

Your Neighborhood Bowling Center

We pride ourselves on offering something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to bowl a few quick frames, host a team-building exercise for your company, or join a competitive league, Holiday Bowl is your neighborhood bowling center. We offer extensive Junior and Senior Bowling Programs as well as fun and competitive men’s, women’s and mixed leagues.

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Weekday Prices before 5pm

Adults & Kids
Shoe Rental

Nights &

Adults & Kids
Shoe Rental
Bowling Lanes

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Bowler Entertainment System

At Holiday Bowl we want the bowling experience to be relaxing, enjoyable, and worry-free. That is why we have the BES X, the worlds most innovative and smartest Bowler Entertainment System. The BES X gives you the freedom to select your favorite environment and games right from the bowling lane console.

Exclusive Features

  • Mad Games
  • YouToons
  • Themed Birthday Parties
  • The largest selection of on-demand environments, games and game formats
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Cosmic Saturday NightsSaturday Nights

Want to add some kick to your weekends?

Come try Cosmic Saturday Nights at Holiday Bowl. We turn down the lights and fire up the fun! There are dancing lights, hot music, and a disco ball - it’s where the party is at!


5pm til 11pm

Cosmic Disco Ball

Pro Shop

Friendly Expert Advice!

Need help getting fitted with the right bowling equipment or need tips on bowling techniques? Orb Driller's Pro Shop at Holiday Bowl offers expertise from a professional bowler with many decades of experience in the industry. Whether it’s purchasing a bowling ball, bowling shoes, or accessories, this pro shop pretty much has it all!

Orb Driller's at Holiday Bowl


Pro Shop Bowling Balls